Thursday 2 June 2011

News: Police called out for 28 UFOs

Humberside police have been called out to investigate 28 UFOs in the past five years, according to a story on the This Is Hull and East Riding website. Two ghosts, two zombies, a witch and a warlock were also reported to the police in that time.

As the news article points out, there is very little the police can do about aliens or supernatural creatures - unless, presumably, they are committing a crime. And being a witch has been legal in Britain since 1951, when the Witchcraft Act was repealed.

If you do happen to see a UFO, ghost, zombie or any other strange thing, probably the best thing to do is take photos and post them on the internet immediately. I am sure you will soon get a huge number of paranormal investigators turn up to help you verify your sighting and possibly save you from alien abduction.

Of course, if you spot someone in a fancy dress costume trying to break into your house or steal your car, call the police on 999 straight away.

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