Sunday 19 June 2011

Summer Solstice Song List

Well, I had been intending to get out and celebrate the Summer Solstice in style this year. I'd been considering travelling to Avebury for midsummer celebrations at the stone circle this weekend, then on to Stonehenge to see the sunset on Monday night and sunrise on Tuesday morning.

But I'm not, because I did my back in while gardening and now I'm stuck inside, doped on painkillers and hardly able to move off the sofa. I guess it isn't all bad though, as my lovely partner has been waiting on me hand and foot.

To make up for not be able to dance the shortest night away at midsummer festivals, I've compiled my Summer Solstice Song List from music on my iPod.

What's more, seeing as the weather forecast is for the heavy rain of the past few days to continue, maybe I'm better off indoors with my music.

Here's what I've been listening to:

Waiting For The Sunby The Doors
Sunriseby Pulp
Sunriseby The Mediaeval Baebes
Sun Hits The Skyby Supergrass
Mr. Blue Skyby the Electric Light Orchestra
Walking On Sunshineby Katrina and The Waves
Instant Sunlightby Dub Touch
Summer Solsticeby East Cafe
Sun Kingby The Cult
Always The Sunby The Stranglers
Between Sun & Moonby Rush

If that lot doesn't cheer me up and also help the sun get his hat on and come out to playin between the showers, I don't know what will.

And if you've can think of any other summery songs to add, please leave a comment

The picture at the top is the album cover for Waiting For The Sunby the Doors, which you can order or download from Amazon.


Anonymous said...

How about Bring Me Sunshine by Morcambe & Wise?

James C. Wallace II said...

What about English Sunset by The Moody Blues?

Anonymous said...

ooo ouch--hope our backs better soon. I'm celebrating the solstice by seeing Ravi Shankar at the barbican:0))