Thursday 14 July 2011

News: Wookey Hole seeks Wizard

Wookey Hole is looking to employ a sorcerer to live in the caves for £60,000 a year.

You can read the full story at Mail Online:


randyman8 said...

I could do so, only I am not there...thus the situation remains vacant.

James C. Wallace II said...

Now that sounds like my kinda gig!!! I saw in the article where "The old witch of Wookey: Carole Bohanan AKA 'Carla Calamity' beat off more than 400 other cloaked applicants for the role."
I didn't think that kind of activity was within the purview of a Wizard. I'll wager there were 400 happy fellas after she beat them off!!! LOL!!!!!
Sorry about that. It's an American thing!!!