Friday 8 July 2011

Spellbound: Whodunit? fun and games

Last weekend I was invited along to play a whodunit? game called Spellbound, set at a fictional magic school for witches and wizards, where all sorts of skulduggery and mischief was going on while the pupils were trying hard to study for their exams in potions, transformation and foretelling.

This was a bit like a murder mystery game, except that the main mystery wasn't actually a murder. The headteacher had lost his memory - and if the culprit who'd caused this wasn't found the school would be forced to close.

The game was run by a company called Freeform Games, which sells murder mysteries and other party-type roleplaying games that you can buy via the website

Although the version of Spellbound that I took part in was only a playtest - the final version is due to be on sale by Halloween - it was immensely enjoyable. If you are looking for something to entertain a crowd of people - whether they are real life witches and wizards, fans of fantasy fiction such as Harry Potter, or anyone who likes to dress up and have fun - I can thoroughly recommend this game. Do look out for it this autumn.

The photos show people taking part in the playtest of Spellbound (none of the pictures show me, as I am a bit camera shy).

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