Tuesday 30 August 2011

The colours of the afterlife

A past life regression therapist claims to have found evidence of where we go after death, according to a press release.

Regressionist Nicolas Aujula said: “Science can help us understand the existence of the afterlife more closely.”

He claims some of the people he has regressed were able to take themselves to "the space between lives known as 'Life Between Lives' - described as the afterlife existence."

“I'm going through the tunnel and seeing white light” is a common statement made by those who have had out-of-body or near-death experiences or who are undergoing regression to past lives. However, Nicolas Aujula claims that an important point many people make is that they see colours in the afterlife that they have never seen before.

He believes this is where science can help. Physicists agree that some light is not normally visible to the human eye - we only see a small portion of what is known as the visible electromagnetic spectrum.

Dr Tom Field from Queen's University Belfast said: “There is light beyond the visible spectrum we cannot see and cannot appreciate the colours.”

Nicolas Aujula said: “This is a clear sign that the place we go to after death lies at a wavelength invisible to us.”

He hopes this will enable more understanding of what happens after death.

Nicolas Aujula has regressed many celebrities and has appeared on the Biography Channel's Our Psychic Family TV series where he read for Toyah Willcox. You can see his website at http://www.inspired-artisan.com/

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Antony said...

Oh an interesting concept there Bad Witch. Didn't realise we can't see all the colours on the spectrum.

A x