Tuesday 9 August 2011

Recycling: Turning a pen into a wand

This fun little wand is actually made out of a Bic ballpoint pen. It has been embellished with leaves and a little figure of a witch made out some sort of modelling clay, probably Fimo,then painted. It also has some little polished stones and crystals stuck into the clay.

I didn't make this, and I've owned it for so long that I can't remember where I bought it originally. Not only is it useful as part of a portable ritual kit because it is pocket-sized, it is also very easy to conceal its occult purpose from nosy flatmates, because it is also a pen.

Looking at it the other day, I realised just how easy and cheap it would be to make one. Most people have Bic pens somewhere around and Fimo modelling clayis pretty easy to use.

You could even recycle the outer casing for pens that had dried and turn them into wands by inserting a thin crystal into the tip after removing the old inky plastic inner.

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