Saturday 14 January 2012

News: Satanists blamed for Cornwall horse killing

The Sun has a sensationalist news article entitled "Shadow of Satanists stalks our community: Fear after 'ritual' slaughter of horses". You can read the story here:


chilledchimp said...

Interesting. I doubt any real Pagan would do this to an animal, given the reverence for nature in our religion. If there is evidence of ritual in the killing, then it's probably some twisted individual dressing up a criminal act for an added frisson, or perhaps to try to focus blame on local Pagans. Either way, I hope he or she is caught. I love horses and hope for a severe punishment for anyone who could hurt such a beautiful animal.

Anonymous said...

I find these incidents, and the associated sensationalism, can be very damaging to the pagan community-not because they are connected to the actual crime, but because media outlets such as 'The Sun' create a collocation between 'paganism' and 'satanic ritual'.