Saturday 28 January 2012

TV: Atlantis and Fairies

There are a couple of things on television this weekend that could appeal to those interested in the unexplained.

Atlantis: The Evidence - a Timewatch Special is being shown on BBC4 tonight (Saturday) at 8pm. In the documentary, historian Bettany Hughes looks at the historical evidence for Atlantis. This was first shown on BBC2 and is very good.

Fairy Tale: A True Story is on Channel 5 tomorrow (Sunday) at 4.05pm. This is a period drama based on a true story. In 1917 two young girls claimed to have seen and photographed fairies - which became known as the Cottingley Fairies. The film originally came out in 1997 and gets four stars in the Radio Times. However, if you miss it, you could always buy the DVD through Amazon or rent it on Lovefilm.

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Antony said...

Hi badwitch,

Thanks for the heads up about the TV progs. I watched the Atlantis one - very interesting!

Take care,

A x