Thursday 15 March 2012

News: Crowley Rock Opera and Occult Music

Every so often I get sent a press release that I think is worth posting on A Bad Witch's Blog and I was recently sent a link to this one, on PRWeb:
Aleister Crowley’s "The Rite of Sol, A Rock Opera" Soundtrack CD Release

Eleusyve Productions is proud to announce the fourth in its series of rock opera soundtracks, based upon the seven Rites of Eleusis written by Aleister Crowley, the most important figure in the Western Occult Revival over the last 100 years. Eleusyve Productions is a theater group of actors, dancers and musicians based in Seattle, Washington, whose primary current purpose is the presentation of the seven plays comprising Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis (originally presented as a series in London in 1910) as modern musical theater pieces, using music, light, dance and drama to enhance the poetry and symmetry of the original works.

Aleister Crowley drew upon his deep knowledge of classical Greek arts and culture to produce these seven works (each centered upon one of the seven planets of antiquity) and intended them as a vehicle to entertain, instruct and to generate interest in the A∴A∴, his magickal teaching order. More than a century later, interest in Crowley’s occult knowledge and methods continues to grow, and the renewal of the Rites of Eleusis; their reworking in a modern rock opera format, staging and release on DVD and soundtrack CDs; has successfully brought these entertaining occult works into the 21st century.

Story synopsis: The Rite of Sol: a scene of post-conflict bliss is emerging following The Rite of Mars; a proud but precarious Utopia. Like a shadow cast by the brilliance of the Sun, however, something unseen moves beneath the glittering façade, haunting the devotees of the silent, ever-shining God.

Once again, the Rite of Sol features an outstanding cast of Seattle performers and musicians, with music composed by Jon Sewell and Melissa Holm. More information about all the completed Rites of Eleusis, with audio and video samples and ordering information for available products can be found at the Eleusyve Productions website. We are very excited to present The Rite of Sol, a culmination of several years work, and the latest in an outstanding series.

'A well-crafted and evocative work.  These talented musicians and singers take us on a musical journey wellsuited to the underlying story created by Aleister Crowley.  With elements of progressive rock, world music, and much more, The Rite of Sol inspires and intrigues the listener at every turn.  Recommended!' --David Shoemaker, Chancellor of the College of Thelema of Northern California.
Here is a link to one of the tracks:

In another news story, occultist Lon Milo DuQuette has embarked on a music tour. You can read a news story about it here:

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