Thursday 15 March 2012

News: Witches Blamed for Church Vandalism

Another ignorant news story, this time on the North Wales Weekly News site, looks at some cases of churches and graveyards being vandalised over the past few decades and blames it on witches. You can read the full story here:

From reading the news story, it is obvious that teenage troublemakers are more likely culprits. However, the news story makes the sadly too-common error of thinking that witches are devil worshippers who like to go about desecrating Christian sites. It also makes the mistake of thinking that witches are frequently children.

I do hope plenty of people comment on the North Wales Weekly News site to point out that witches are pagans, they do not worship the Devil, which is a Christian concept. Witches have no interest in vandalising churches and are usually pretty law-abiding. And, most importantly, covens certainly don't initiate children - most have a strict over-18 policy.

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