Monday 30 April 2012

A Bubbly Spell For Happiness

The idea behind this spell is that by sending happy thoughts out into the world, you will find more happiness in the world. All you need is some bubble mixture and the ability to visualise things that make you happy.

Go outside with your bubble mixture - ideally on a sunny day. Before blowing any bubbles, picture clearly in your head something that makes you feel good - it could be cupcakes and icecream, playful kittens, a rainbow after a storm or walking along the shoreline on a sandy beach - anything that fills you with joy and delight.

Then, imagine you are sending those happy thoughts into the bubbles as you blow them. Do this for as long as you like, with as many joyful images as you can think of. As the bubbles burst, happiness is released into the world, where it will grow.

Some time in the future you will  find a big bubble of happiness returned to you as something tangible in your life as a result of this spell. But don't go looking for the results. The secret of finding happiness is that it can often appear when you least expect it.

There is a famous song I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, and the chorus line goes:
I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air,
They fly so high,
Nearly reach the sky,
Then like my dreams,
They fade and die.
Fortune's always hiding,
I've looked everywhere,
I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air
You might think that the words are rather the opposite of the spell for happiness. That's sort of true - but it is a matter of perspective. The poem suggests that the bubbles of our happy dreams "fade and die"; whereas if you imagine that you are releasing them and sharing them with the world, then they don't die at all, but live and grow. And by desperately "looking everywhere" for fortune, it is easy to overlook or take for granted the simple pleasures of life that are present all around us, that can brighten our days and make the world a more magical place.



Mo said...

This spell might be particularly useful to cheer up West Ham supporters, after another painful season…

Badwitch said...

Mo, you do know my hubby is a West Ham supporter, don't you? I always try to write spells that my friends and I can put to good use :)

Mo said...

I did know that, yes – but I thought after Saturday's depressing events he might be in the mood to keep quiet about it, so I put the comment in the abstract :-)

Ted &LuckShop said...

Thanks for this. I thought this article was literally going to involve bubbles. I was happily mistaken.

Badwitch said...

Ted, what's your problem with bubbles? The spell does involve blowing bubbles using bubble mix - which you can either buy from toy shops or make yourself.

Anonymous said...

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