Monday 2 April 2012

News: How Not to Spread Misinformation on the Occult

The website Poynter has a very interesting article entitled How Journalists Can Stop the Spread of Misinformation When Reporting on the Occult. It points out that most journalists - and most police - are not experts on the occult - or on witchcraft, paganism or minority religions. It can be tempting for journalists to tempt readers with suggesting an occult link to a story just to boost newspaper sales or website hits.

The Poynter feature offers this very wise advice to journalists:
  • Don't take what other news sites are saying at face value - do your own research.
  • Find and interview real experts - such as members of actual occult or pagan organisations.
  • Write carefully, with attention to detail and to the facts.
This is all really excellent advice. If you are a journalist, I strongly recommend reading this feature.

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