Tuesday 10 July 2012

Pagan Eye: Silbury Hill on a Summer's Day

This lovely picture of Silbury Hill on a summer's day was taken by Steve Dempsey, who recently visited the West Country on his way to Cornwall. It looks a bit warmer than when I was there around the time of Winter Solstice.

Silbury Hill is an ancient monument close to Avebury stone circle, in Wiltshire. It is the largest man-made mound in Europe and dates back to about 2400BC, although no one knows why it was built. According to some folk tales it is an entrance to the fairy realm. Others believe it was an ancient solar observatory or symbolic of the Mother Goddess.

Thanks very much Steve for letting me use your photo on my blog!

My Pagan Eye posts show photos that I find interesting - seasonal images, pagan sites, events, or just pretty pictures. If you want to send me a photo for a Pagan Eye post, please email it to badwitch1234@gmail.com Let me know what the photo shows and whether you want your name mentioned or not. For copyright reasons, the photo must be one you have taken yourself.

The photo is copyright Steve Dempsey.

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OathBoundSecrets said...

Thank you for this post! I have been to both Avebury and Stonehenge but not Silbury yet :) Blessings )O(

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I enjoy your posts. I wish you had a follow button...so I don't miss any.

Badwitch said...

You can follow my blog in a few ways.
If you have a blogger account, then just add the web address into your follow list. You can follow me on Twitter @badwitch1234 or if you have the networked blogs app on Facebook then you can follow my blog using that.