Monday 30 July 2012

Pictures from Eastbourne Lammas Festival 2012

Here are some photos I took at Eastbourne Lammas Festival over the weekend just gone. This festival takes place on Eastbourne seafront each summer and offers music and other entertainment as well as stalls, a beer tent and a ritual to celebrate the start of the harvest.

What I like about this festival is that it has a really friendly atmosphere and is enjoyed by pagans and non-pagans alike - parents with children, the young and the elderly. Mind you, I did overhear one witty 20-something say to her boyfriend: "This isn't so much a New Age festival as an old age festival." Well, it is Eastbourne - the town where, or so I am told, more pensioners get given Asbos than teenagers.

The photo on this post show, from the top: giant effigies of the Lord of the Wheat and the Lady of the Moon; amusing witchy mugs on the Cheeky Witch stall; beautiful garlands and wands on the Fallen Moon stall; the crowd sitting on the grass in front of the music stage; the Pentacle Drummers with Eastbourne Pier in the distance.

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Kaz said...

Great photos! Thanks for the mention and link to my site. It was great to meet you :) This year's Lammas Festival was the best so far - I blogged about it today too! So glad you enjoyed yourself. Brightest blessings to a Bad Witch from a Cheeky one ;)

Anonymous said...

Who are u?and where walking ur soul?is there in the hill where wind blow to ur hair? I am nobody . .but I knw u can feel me ..everyone see u happy that is frm ur outside .but are alone in ur soul. And ur soul is sad .and I'm been hear ur voice of ur soul..I can touch ur soul ....I can see ur heart and.. I can walk with u in ur dream..I am just only last of the last..but belive in ur heart...just one stap in belive and everything will to be real and true.....

XAN frm forgotten

OathBoundSecrets said...

Thanks for sharing! I wish they did something like this in my town! :)