Wednesday 19 September 2012

Pagan Eye: Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony

These amazing photos were taken at the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony by Melanie Dymond Harper, who was one of the artistic performers at the London Games events.

Like many people, she was surprised and delighted to hear the pagan words spoken by Rory Mackenzie of Help For Heroes, which where originally written as part of a druid ritual. Rory opened the festival by calling upon the seasons and the elements, as is often done when casting a circle as part of a pagan rite.

If you missed the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony or want to watch it again, it is on YouTube at The pagan parts start about
22 minutes in, followed by a fantastic parade of steampunk vehicles, including the fish in the bottom photo. More pagan words are said at about 31 minutes in. The middle photo shows the magical-looking symbol on the floor that many people spotted.

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