Wednesday 12 September 2012

TV: Vikings on BBC 2 with Neil Oliver

A new TV documentary series called Vikings began on BBC 2 last night.

In it, archaeologist Neil Oliver went to Scandinavia to look at what surviving evidence can tell us about legend of the Vikings. Neil began by exploring the Vikings' prehistoric ancestors, including the remains of weapon-filled war boats, skeletons of long-haired Bronze Age farmers, a Swedish site of a royal palace and a site of ritual sacrifice.

He also looked texts about the religion of the Vikings, explaining that the Vikings remained pagan long after most of Europe became Christian.

Programmes on BBC TV Channels are usually available to watch on iPlayer for at least a week after they are shown:

A book called Vikings: A History to accompany the series is due out in October.



Anonymous said...

My place-name plots suggest the Norse loan words may have arrived with the earlier Angles, perhaps the list expanded by the later Vikings, see:

Anonymous said...

It's great music too - believe it to be Ty Unwin but would love to find the music played throughout it with a great beat...

Anonymous said...

def ty unwin, but i would love to find out what the music is called as well, especially the piano track, looked everywhere and cant find it