Wednesday 24 October 2012

Witches and the Occult in Halloween News Stories

As Halloween approaches, the newspapers and news sites are coming out with various stories of witches, magic and the occult. They range from retellings of historic witch trials to various PR stunts. Mind you, I'm not going to knock all the witchy PR stunts, having been involved in one myself recently. I'll be posting something about that as soon as the company involved passes the press release.

Here are some of the Halloween stories:

Witch-shaped lollies to be given away free in Notthingham's Victoria Centre, from thisisnottingham:

A listing of Scotland's most infamous witch trials, from

Witch to fly over forest on a broom, using a zipwire, to promote a ghost trail, from The Northern Echo:

The Wookey Hole Witch is looking for a wizard to join her in the cave, from thisissomerset:

The University of York has an art exhibition called Temple of the Occult, from The Press:

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