Monday 26 November 2012

Review: The Spirit of Albion - The Movie

This review of the film Spirit of Albion, which was screened at Witchfest International earlier this month, was written by folklorist and occult tour guide Paula Dempsey:

I was looking forward to this. A film about paganism with music by one of my favourite artists, Damh the Bard, sounded good and it was. Spirit of Albion is an independent film, but the producers have made the most of their budget to deliver a quality product.

A brief synopsis of the plot with no spoilers: Three young people are finding the modern world difficult to cope with. George’s political activity is rooted in family tragedy; Esther’s dedication to her job is wearing her out while Annie fills the void in her life with drink, drugs and casual sex.

One night Annie, George and Esther are each visited by a charismatic stranger who leads them to a secret woodland grove. By the end of the night all three are changed forever and we find out who the mysterious strangers are. This makes for a profoundly mystical and uplifting film with a neat plot twist towards the end.

Although the cast do sing, this is a film with music rather than a musical. There are no jolly song and dance numbers; instead Damh’s words are sung to replace parts of the dialogue and it’s to the film’s credit that this is in no way incongruous. Damh himself appears several times in the film, performing his own songs, notably at the film’s wonderfully celebratory ending.

Spirit of Albion is out now on DVD but I understand copies are limited. I really can’t recommend it highly enough – I went through so many emotions whilst watching this film and came out feeling happy and hopeful. It also made me think about my own practice as a pagan and realise that whatever path you follow, what rituals you do, what you wear all matter far less than where your heart is. Do see it!

NB This film does contain a brief sex scene and some swearing so isn’t suitable for young children.

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