Sunday 9 December 2012

Do You Leave Your Yule Lights On During Rituals?

Just a question really. Would you leave your Yule tree lights on when casting spells or doing a seasonal ritual, or would you turn them off and just work by candlelight?

Last night I was doing a little spellwork. As I'd always been taught, and  always read in books about witchcraft, I turned off the telly, the mobile phone, the computer and the room lights - but my Yule tree looked so lovely I decided to leave the lights on.

And then I wondered what other witches who read my blog would do?

I'd be very interested to find out, so please leave a comment saying what you think.


Serenity Yoga said...

it would depend how bright they were I think, if they were too bright it would probably put me off :)
But a few twinkly lights would add to the candlelight mood I think.

Tina Caro said...

I would suggest having only candles nearby. This artificial light just doesn't feel natural. :)

Many blessings,