Sunday 2 December 2012

Shopping: Spell Candles as Yule Presents

While I was searching for some candles to buy I came across this box of witch's beeswax spell candles on Amazon and I thought they'd make a jolly good Yule present for a witch.

Pretty much all witches use candles a lot - as quarter lights or on the altar at rituals and also for candle magic.

Spell candles are often purposefully made as small candles so you can burn them entirely in just a few hours. The idea is you make a wish and then light a candle; as the candle burns down the magic takes effect.

You can use different colours for different purposes - red for love spells, yellow for happiness, purple for psychic work etc.

To be honest, I'd be quite happy if someone bought this set for me as a present for Yule :)

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