Wednesday 6 March 2013

TV: Pagans and Pilgrims - Britain's Holiest Places

There's a new documentary series about Britain's sacred sites starting on BBC4 at 8.30pm tomorrow (Thursday). It is called Pagans and Pilgrims - Britain's Holiest Places.

In this TV programme, presenter presenter Ifor ap Glyn travels around the UK uncovering the stories behind many famous holy sites.

The Radio Times listing website says: "He explains the myths and legends of sacred places, including towering mountain hideaways and ancient shrines, and investigates what attracts people to them now their religious use is over. In this episode, he visits the ruins of St Andrews Cathedral in Fife, Wales' best-preserved Roman site, Coventry Cathedral and Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire."

I've had a go at embedding a clip about from the programme about Coventry Cathedral at the top. If you miss Pagans and Pilgrims tomorrow, it is repeated on Friday 8 March at 1.30am. The next episode will be shown next week.

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