Wednesday 24 April 2013

Pagan Eye: Hollow in a Tree

This photograph of a hollow in a tree was taken by author and photographer James C Wallace II, who has previously let me post loads of lovely pictures he has taken of the moon, planets and the natural world.

James said: "I was out and about today, looking for Morel mushrooms near a local cemetery and ran across this lovely hole-into-another-world! I wonder where it leads to?"

I agree that hollows in trees always look as though they should be an entrance to the Otherworld, although usually only large enough for the wee folk to use! In real life, of course, hollow trees are valuable homes to wildlife. Too often these days dead trees get chopped down in case they are a safety hazard, which means many birds and small mammals that might live in them are struggling to survive. The tree in the photo looks like it might be inhabited, so I do hope it gets left in peace.

James added that the tree is in, "the same cemetery where The Archway in the Woods, Tree-In-The-Road, the Big Church and the Little Church are located, all of which appear in Magician of Oz."

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The photograph is copyright James C Wallace II

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