Tuesday 9 April 2013

Shopping: Witchy Bubble Bath

I asked my husband to buy me some bubble bath when he went to the supermarket for some shopping, and he bought me the two bottles you see in the photo.

The pearly-coloured one is called Enchanting and the dark purple one is called Bewitching - I guess perhaps I'm meant to use the light one if I'm feeling like a good witch and the dark one if I'm feeling bad.

They are made by Imperial Leather, so I had a look the company website to see what it had to say, and found the following: "Once upon a time, alluring scents and spellbinding aromas came together to awaken the senses. Step into our fairytale-world, full of mystery and wonder, where each potion will take you on a journey."

Hmm, I doubt there's anything really magical about mass-produced bubble bath, but I do find them rather appealing. I suppose it shows that things to do with fairies and witches are fashionable at the moment and I guess it is nice to be fashionable once in a while.

Off to soak in the bath now...

1 comment:

Lyn said...

I have both of those in my bathroom at the minute and love them!