Friday 24 May 2013

News: Paganism in the Press and Other Stories

"Senior Tory warns over pagan weddings"
A senior Tory is quoted as saying that voters would think MPs had "lost the plot" if they allowed pagans, Freemasons and spiritualists to conduct marriages. From the Evening Standard: "

"Wackypedia admits pagan purge"
Wikipedia has admitted that one of its editors has been systematically purging the encyclopedia of references to the occult and modern pagans. From

"Cheese maker warned against supplying Gloucester cheese rolling"
Health and safety goes mad as police tell a cheese maker she may be liable for legal action if she supplies Gloucester's famous annual cheese rolling event, in case anyone gets hurt by her dairy products. From BBC News:

"IMAGE: The Occult Factor An inaugural exhibition of Esoteric Artists"
Review of the occult art exhibition that is currently on at Store Street Gallery, 32 Store Street, London WC1E. From artlyst:

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