Thursday 16 May 2013

The Dawn of a Happy New Day

I'm very pleased to say, my prediction was wrong. A little while back, I had a nasty dream that something horrible would happen on 15 May. I even blogged about it.

And yesterday was 15 May - a day that started with an early morning storm that shook the trees and blew down a bit more of the fencing in my garden. But, I was delighted to discover, nothing worse than that happened to myself or my family or loved ones.

I checked the UK news and saw that unseasonable snow had fallen in parts of the country and a new thriller by Dan Brown had been published, but that seemed about the worst of it. Hardly the end of the world.

Obviously, I feel slightly embarrassed that I made a prediction that did not materialise - but at the time I said I would rather look foolish than for some disaster to occur that might have been prevented had I not warned anyone.

So, it is a new day today, and a happy one. Later on I'll be checking the news and seeing if there is anything more interesting to blog about. Apart from that, the sun is shining and its back to bad witching business as usual.

Inferno: (Robert Langdon Book 4)

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