Sunday 26 May 2013

The Moot With No Name at the Devereux 29 May

The Moot With No Name is returning to its old venue, the Devereux pub, in Devereux Court (opposite the Royal Courts of Justice), London WC2R 3JJ, this Wednesday, 29 May.

Organiser Steve Wilson said: "Due to short notice this will be a social meet-up, free of charge, though with a few possible events to interrupt the drinking! Be prepared for a pub quiz, though for a change this will only have ONE occult section."

Steve also asked those who are coming to the moot to think about the following:
  • What was the most influential adult book you read that stimulated your interest in the Occult?
  • What was your favourite magical book as a child and why?
  • What do you think is the best occult or pagan film ever?
  • And what was the best TV show.
The time for the event is 7:30pm for 8 pm, and the moot is back every other Wednesday as before.

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