Sunday 9 June 2013

Event: Northern Tradition Summer Camp in London

A Northern Tradition Summer Camp is taking place in London from 28 June to July 1 this year.

The Kith of Yggdrasil Althing 2013 is an open event at a great camp site in North London. You can arrive to set up camp on the Friday; on Saturday and Sunday there will be Blots, talks and workshops; then breaking camp and clearing up on Monday.

There will be talks, workshops and a chance to experience Northern Tradition rites and magic.

Prices are £30 for two to four days (£25 Kith and Troth members), £15 per day for one days camping (£12.50 Kith and Troth members) and £7.50 for one day non-camping (£6.50 Kith and Troth members). For further details and bookings email Phil, the Kith Secretary on:

You can also find more details on the flyer pictured on the right.

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