Thursday 25 July 2013

News: Round-up of Stories of Witches and Witchcraft

"From Macbeth to the Wizard of Oz: New exhibition explores the erotic side of witchcraft": News about the Edinburgh exhibition on witchcraft in The Independent

"‘Wild-haired and witch-like’: the wisewoman in industrial society": Story about a wisewoman working in Lancashire in the early twentieth century on the OUP Blog

"The witch myth": Article about how the persecution and demonisation of witches is about with male-dominated society’s terror of older women on the Herald Scotlands website.

"Respect your elders and 'cut not lest the angry witch returns'": Gardening feature from the Oxford Times.

"Feminist Religion of the 21st Century": Feature about Dianism, or Dianic Feminist Wicca, on Newswire.

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