Tuesday 6 August 2013

A Story: The Ammonite Dream

Once, when I was young and had a fever, I dreamt I was an ammonite.

I swam in ancient oceans and when I died my body sank and became part of that primeval seabed. But my spirit lived, and remembered. Over the aeons, entombed in rock that shifted and moved and heated and cooled, I saw such wonders. So much time passed; and yet I still was.

Then the rock split and I fell as a pebble on a beach. And a young child found me, and took me home, and put me on her mantelpiece on her bedroom wall. And when she slept, in a fevered dream, I told her my story. Now she remembers, too.

Note: According to Hindu legends, ammonites are a manifestation of the God Vishnu, the all-pervading essence of all beings. [photo by LMCoelho]

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