Friday 6 September 2013

Event: Carshalton Straw Jack on Saturday 7 Sept

I've just heard about a harvest celebration called the Carshalton Straw Jack taking place tomorrow, Saturday 7 Sept:

The blurb on the Carshalton Straw Jack Facebook page says:
"Across the world there are traditions of creating a figure from the last cuts of grain harvest. Wolves, Bears and Men are the most common, sometimes beaten out of the village, sometimes thrown into water and sometimes burnt. Here in Carshalton, Surrey, once a year in September we make a straw man or 'Jack'...."
Here is the route, if you want to watch this event:

Noon: Depart Duke's Head, Wallington Green
12.10pm-12.45pm Rose and Crown, Elm Pond
1pm-1.45pm Fox and Hounds
2pm-2.45pm Woodman, Carshalton High Street (in Garden)
3pm Carshalton Park Road
3.30pm-4.15pm The Sun
4.30pm-5.15pm Railway Tavern
5.20pm The Hope
5..30pm Burning of Straw Jack in Hope Garden


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