Thursday 5 December 2013

Review: Pagan Portals - Runes by Kylie Holmes

When I was sent a review copy of Pagan Portals - RunesI asked Carol Tierney, who knows a lot more about runes than I do, to review it. Here is her write-up about the new book by Kylie Holmes:

My first thought on reading this book was that it was refreshing to encounter such an honest approach to rune reading. The author makes no secret of the fact that her methods are based on intuition, personal resonance and insights, which is a totally valid technique and one that doesn't get the acknowledgement it deserves. Kylie has clearly done her research and takes the time to introduce readers to some of the background that enriches her insights both in terms of personal spiritual journey and the historical context and background for the runes.

The majority of the book is given over to how to interpret the runes when they appear in a reading. I wouldn’t agree with everything she says – but I don’t need to, as this book does not try to present a ‘one true way’ of reading the runes so much as a guide on how to use the runes as tools to unlock your own intuition.

I’d recommend this book to anyone starting out with the runes or interested in divination generally.

Pagan Portals - Runesis published by Moon Books and can be downloaded from Amazon for the Kindleor ordered in paperback. It is due out in the shops in mid December.

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