Tuesday 15 April 2014

Review: Teen Spirit Wicca by David Salisbury

Young people who want to become Wiccan often find it tough to get good training. Most covens will only accept adults and pagan moots tend to meet in pubs where under-18s aren't allowed in.

Keen teenagers are likely to turn to books for guidance on becoming solitary practitioners until the come of age. But that presents another problem as some books are better than others. One I would recommend is a new book called Teen Spirit Wiccaby David Salisbury, A Wiccan priest who is also the author of The Deep Heart of Witchcraft.

David might be a knowledgeable Wiccan priest and a respected author, but is also still quite a young writer and so is well placed to be writing a book aimed at the new generation wanting to enter the Craft. He says: "When I started practicing Wicca in the late 90s, it was towards the end of what some might call the “heyday” of the popularization of all things edgy and occult. Black was the norm for kids who refused
to fit in with the preppy masses, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on primetime, and books on Wicca and Paganism were getting churned out like hotcakes."

What I like about Teen Spirit Wicca is that although it is aimed at beginners, it is not dumbed down. It not only covers the history of witchcraft; concepts of the God and Goddess; core Wiccan beliefs and practices; rituals and spells and the ethics of witchcraft, it also goes into topics that are particularly relevant for teenagers, such as how to talk to your parents about it. At the end of the book are chapters of spells and rituals that you can easily do at home with things that are easy to find around the house or garden such as candles, flowers and common herbs.

Publisher Soul Rocks says on its website: "If you’re a teenager today, you’re in a great position to seek out spiritual teachings that are more widely accessible than ever before. Wicca is one of those teachings. With this practical guide, you’ll get the lowdown on what Wiccans believe and practice, and how to become one yourself. Some of the information on the Craft of the Wise can seem vast, overwhelming, and even a little boring. But have no fear! Teen Spirit Wicca will cut to the chase and give you just what you need to start practicing the Craft and living your life as a Wiccan today."

Teen Spirit Wiccais due to be released in May and can be ordered via Amazon. For details of some other books and information aimed at beginners, read my earlier post on Wicca and Witchcraft: Finding out the Basics. A book aimed at teenage boys who are interested in paganism is The Way of the Horned God. For a great general overview of paganism by practitioners from various paths, try Paganism 101.

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