Tuesday 3 June 2014

TV: Stonehenge on Springwatch

Springwatch on BBC2 is just doing a feature about the wildlife at Stonehenge, including hares and jackdaws.

Do watch it on catchup if you missed it.


ceridwen said...

Hi, I have just come across your blog (will be having a good read of it now though). Reason why is I was googling for ways to get some stolen property of mine back. The stolen property concerned is a piece of my garden. The next door neighbour admits she has "purloined" it (in her own words) and I have discovered that, as I suspected, it belongs to my (recently bought) house. I wish to have it back obviously, but it isn't as simple as ripping up her plants and replacing them with mine is it? She's been telling everyone for years that its "hers", though she knows very well it isn't (definitely not a genuine mistake on her part). By far the easiest thing would be if she were to just give me my stolen property back and apologise and "business as normal" can resume. I would very much appreciate it please if you have any suggestions for spells/etc I could use to help get my property back again.

Thank you


Badwitch said...

I'm going to be honest here and say the best way to deal with this isn't magical, but practical. Talk to the previous owners and get them to write a statement confirming that the items belong with the house you bought. It would be great if they have photos to prove it too. Seek legal advice. However, you might want to ask the Goddess Fortuna to bless your cause as she looks over matters of justice as well as matters of luck.

ceridwen said...


Thank you for that. Talking to the previous owners is rather problematic, as they are dead. I've tried to talk to the man who inherited the house from last owner and he didn't want to know (though its clear he knows what has happened). Thank you for your suggestions and, on the everyday level, I am in process of getting professional advice on this. Will google re Goddess Fortuna.