Thursday 10 July 2014

Goddess Calling Meditation - Inspirational Messages

Yesterday on A Bad Witch's Blog I posted an excerpt from a book called Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogyby Rev. Dr. Karen Tate. Here is a guided meditation from the same book:
Sekhmet - Fires of Transformation

Find a comfortable spot to sit or lay down. Relax and breathe. Breathe deeply. In and out. In and out. Let the worries and cares of everyday life drift away. Try to focus on the sound of my voice.

You’re laying down in a cool green meadow. Tall grasses are all around you. A line of trees are in the distance and behind that, tall mountains still with traces of winter snow at the highest peaks. You feel the cool, gentle breeze on your cheeks. You are perfectly relaxed. Comfortable. You are not worried or concerned about a single thing. The sun is shining brightly overhead and you are content. Soaking in the beauty and abundance the Mother has provided.

As you lay there on your back, eyes shaded toward the sun, you hear a slight rustle in the tall green grasses just beyond you. There seems to be something moving closer toward you, but you are not alarmed. You are perfectly relaxed as you hear the gentle footsteps making their way toward you. You are in the domain of the mother and you know you are perfectly safe.

As the sound coming toward you stops, you look over in that direction, and partially cloaked by the grasses you see the outline of a large golden feline. What catches your attention are the eyes. She looks at you. Through you. In that instant you feel her energy like sunbeams emanating toward you. You feel powerful, capable, nurturing, and wise. As you continue to gaze into each other's eyes you suddenly feel your surroundings go hazy and liquid. The big cat moves closer to you, inviting you toward her. Your eyes are inches apart from each other and you covet this magnificent feeling she is generating in your presence. Within seconds you no longer see her, but you feel her. Inside you.

You look down at your feet and they are shifting shape, painlessly, miraculously, wonderfully. You look at your arms and hands and they too are beginning to look like the supple, agile, limbs of a feline. You attempt to utter your astonishment and your voice comes out in guttural purrs. Then you look to your right and She is standing beside you. It is Sekhmet, the lion-headed. Egyptian Goddess. You see her walking upright as a feline woman. She is beckoning you to walk alongside her. She takes you by the hand as you both walk together through the tall grasses. All the while you feel her eyes and breath on you. Her intense stare is imparting not only ancient wisdom, but courage, strength and tenacity are her gifts.

While you were basking in the glow of this energy you had not realized she had walked you beyond the grasses toward a cool grotto of trees. You see a cave in the distance. She gestures for you to walk toward the cave. Behind you all the while, supporting you, silently imparting discernment and knowledge, teaching you, she directs you to sit in the cool inviting darkness of this womb-like space. You hear her voice in the silence telling you to close your eyes. And in your minds eye you see images and these images impart sounds, and give you a higher sense of awareness. Sit with these images and ideas. Let them flow to you. Absorb them as if you were a sponge. Remember the ancient wisdom you are being shown.

You feel the images fading, getting harder to grasp, until they finally cease. They are like sand slipping through your fingers. You naturally open your new feline eyes and you see clearly in the darkness. You breathe deeply, as if by doing so, anchoring in these new found ideas, thoughts, and messages. You no longer see her there physically, but you still feel the lingering energy of her presence within you. You feel your empowerment, your agility, and your creativity and you flex these new-found muscles.

Soon, you know it is time to exit the cave. Walking toward the cave opening, you glimpse the sunlight just beyond. As you step into the full light of the golden sun you glance down at your feet, hands and arms, and they are once again your own. You walk back through the tall grasses feeling the green growing things gently caressing your limbs as you go. But that is not all you feel. You feel changed and transformed.

You return to that sacred spot where this all began. You sit down on the soft, velvet like grass and breathe. Breathe yourself back into awareness. You are relaxed but you are also transformed for she is still and always will be a part of you.

Take a deep cleansing breath and slowly bring yourself back into this room. Open your eyes and breathe.

Excerpted from Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogyby Rev. Dr. Karen Tate at
Rev. Dr. Karen Tate's next book, coming out in October/November, will be called Voices of the Sacred Feminine, Conversations to ReShape our World.

Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy

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