Wednesday 13 August 2014

Event: Early Bird Tickets for ASSAP's Seriously Spooked

If you book quickly, you can get an early bird ticket for £7.50 for Seriously Spooked, the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP)'s one-day convention about ghosts that is taking place in Aston University on 27 September. Normal ticket price is £25.

Seriously Spooked should be a fascinating event for anyone interested in what ghost experiences are and how they are investigated.

Information on the ASSAP website about the event says:
Ghosts have fascinated mankind for centuries. Answering those age old questions of what happens after death - and why do people have unusual experiences - have pre-occupied academics since Victorian times and a generation of paranormal investigators today.

Seriously Spooked: Ghost Convention brings together 10 of the most respected ghost researchers today to answer the questions: what are ghosts? And how do we study them?

The special Discount week starts from Saturday when Seriously Strange hits the doorsteps, but our e-journal subscribers get a chance to book even earlier!

Book now and take advantage of this massive early bird discount!

Here is a partial programme. More speakers to be announced soon!

Topics include:

Dr. Ciaran O'Keefe: Applying Criminological Psychology Principles to Haunting Investigations
Ann Winsper: Paranormal Investigation: Does it help us understand ghosts!?
Cal Cooper: Bereavement, mental health and ghost experiences,
CJ: Haunted: Dead or Alive - the biggest question of all.
Dr. Hannah Gilbert: The experience of malevolent ghosts and their social function.
Jack Hunter: Animist and ghosts across different cultures in the world.
Paul Hobday: Do Paranormal TV and events help or hinder ghost research?
For more details and to book tickets, visit:

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