Thursday 14 August 2014

Question: Is it Best to be Pagan in the Town or Country?

I'd like to get more discussions going in the comments on A Bad Witch's Blog so I thought I would start posting up questions for debate from time to time.

Here is the first question:  Is it Best to be a Pagan in the Town or Country?

What do you think?

Please leave a comment below, however short. A one word answer of "Town" or "Country" would get the ball rolling, but feel free to write more and give your reasons for your preference if you like.


Rebecca Bird said...

My word! I think this is a huge question! If you're in the country then you're potentially closer to nature, which is what it's all about, but do you forget to see it if it's there all the time? You could find yourself subject to scorn and disapproval from the churchy people that often live in small communities. The town, being more densely populated, may be more religiously understanding due to its diverse nature and there could be more access to likeminded folk due to sheer numbers and travel possibilities. You would need to make special efforts to connect with nature, so would this be more appreciated. You would have better access to commercial 'pagan stuff' and other necessities (such as cat food - lol!) but then with the internet, anything can be commercially viable.
Hmmmm - good question!

Alan C-B said...

I've found it's lovely to be in the countryside for my own inner spirituality but, after so long, I've discovered you can create your own "natural world" in the urban setting ... it just takes a bit more to find it.

Anonymous said...

Traditionally I think witches were reputed to always live in the last house in the town or village. I guess that was so they had the best of both the town and the countryside around it.

Unknown said...

I wrote a blog post on the very same subject this morning!

Badwitch said...

Great minds think alike Rachel :)

Anonymous said...

Not every Pagan reveres nature!
I identify as a Chaos Witch which means I don't require nature to feel spiritually connected to the world around me. I love living in London, it's a city I cannot see myself leaving for a long time yet. Whilst I think being around a more natural setting is a great break and does speak to our instincts, humans are -very- adaptable, so it's down to personal preference and the individuals' path.