Thursday 18 September 2014

Back to Magic School: Hedgewitchery

Hedgewitchcraft is a form of witchcraft inspired by the magic of cunning folk, wise women and traditional witches. As well as being knowledgeable about divination, herb lore and magic spells and rituals, the hedgewitch gets her name from a form of shamanic journeying known as "crossing the hedge".

The hedge that the witch crosses represents the barrier between this world and the Otherworld. The art of journeying is often a quest for information from ancestors, faeries or spirits.

Hedge-Witchery, an online witchcraft training provider run by hedgewitch and author Lily Oak, has just announced that its first three online courses are complete and ready to study on its website, . The course titles are Tarot Part 1: The Major Arcana, Introduction to Journeying, and Introduction to Magical Ritual.

Lily said: "There will be many more courses added as we build membership numbers."

These courses are all available to full members, and full membership starts at just £2.50 per month (based on a year's membership). There is no extra cost. You sign up and you can start as soon as you have access to the site. All the courses include;
  • More than an hour of bite-sized video tutorials.
  • Written resources.
  • Three assignments, with feedback.
Lily added: "There will be some other courses offered in the future, which have additional costs, but as you can see from the membership price, we are committed to keeping these costs as low as possible."

Below is a link to a short video about Hedge-Witchery and you can find out more information about membership here:

The photo at the top shows Lily Oak at the Hedge-Witchery stand at the Mind Body Soul Experience in London. You can win tickets to this years MBS event here:

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