Saturday 6 September 2014

Back to Magic School: Ways into Mythology

Wiccan teacher Ken Rees is offering six-week evening class course in London this autumn called Ways into Mythology. Here is the description of the course:
This exciting course takes a variety of approaches to studying the wonder and profundities of the world of myth. As a universal and symbolic language it has informed cultures across the globe. We will visit ancient Greece, ancient Sumer and native Indian America amongst other places in order to familiarise ourselves with the insights of mythology.

Specifically, the course will explore dominant mythic themes such as those relating to the Goddess, cosmogony and cosmology, journeys to the Underworld and to initiation. The academic disciplines of anthropology, psychology and literature will aid us in interpretation as will some master narrators of story telling e.g. Joseph Campbell, poets such as Robert Graves and the psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. The great comparative religionist, Mircea Eliade, will also help us in our quest.

This interdisciplinary approach is integrated with the tutor's own reflections in order to develop the argument for the continued relevance of myth for modern society on both the collective and individual levels. In particular, the concept of one's personal myth is explored. It is argued that all need to regain positive contact with such if wholeness of identity is to be achieved and one's bliss followed in today's world.
Ways into Mythology is on Wednesdays evenings from 24 September to 29 October 2014 at The Mary Ward Centre (pictured), Queen Square, London WC1. The nearest Tube stations are Holborn and Russell Square. The fees are £47, Concessions £16 and you are allowed to attend one class free as a taster. For enquiries call 0208 671 6372, to enrol call 0207 269 6000 and quote course no 442. Website:

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