Sunday 26 October 2014

An Afternoon at the Mind Body Soul Experience

I seem to be leading a very busy life at the moment and only had time to visit the three-day Mind Body Soul Experience in London for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Nevertheless I managed to pack that few hours full of really enjoyable activities. Four things stood out in particular – two I’d planned, and two that were unexpected.

A meditation about the goddess Hecate with Mima Cornish and an animal healing demonstration by Elizabeth Whiter and Tim Wheater were the two things I’d planned for. They were both free events on the main stage, where there was plenty of seating – which I have to say is good in a busy event.

Hecate is a goddess with many aspects - some of which are quite dark. She is best known as the goddess of the crossroads, of witchcraft and of magic, but she is also a goddess of earth, sea and sky. However, Mima’s meditation was a gentle one - focused on Hecate’s sea-goddess face, which encourages us to look deeply into our emotions. Mima is currently producing a CD of Hecate guided visualisations - along with music by Paul Landry from New Age Music Garden – and you can find out more about that on her website

I’d wanted to see the animal healing demonstration because one of my cats is elderly and has several things wrong with him. Although I regularly take him to the vet for check-ups and treatment, I was interested in learning more about complementary therapies for pets. Elizabeth and Tim have created a sound therapy CDdesigned to be very soothing and relaxing for animals – certainly Elizabeth’s own dog Morris seemed to enjoy chilling out under its calming influence.

My two unexpected delights at the Mind Body Soul Experience were a beautiful new set of oracle cards - which I couldn't resist getting a copy of - and having a life coaching session.

The oracle card set is called Rose Alchemy and consists of 45 cards with photographs of beautiful roses on them. I love roses, they are my favourite flowers and I grow a variety in my garden. Traditionally there is a whole language of roses, with different ones having different meanings, so it makes perfect sense to create an oracle deck out of them. The Rose Alchemy set comes boxed with a colour guidebook. I’ll be posting a review of the deck on my blog in the future, but you can see some of the cards in the photograph at the top of this post. I took it at the show and also had a brief reading. You can also find out more at

The life coaching session was perhaps the most useful thing I did at the event. As I was walking past a stall offering yoga retreats I noticed they were signing people up for free 20-minute life coaching sessions. I’ve never had a life coaching session before, but several of my friends have and some have even trained as life coaches – so I thought, “Why not?” The thing I really wanted to tackle is that my life seems so busy, I struggle to do everything I really want to do. The session was useful and left me with a plan of action – in particular to spend two hours less a week watching telly and to use those two hours instead doing something more productive.

For the past couple of years the Mind Body Soul Experience has run together with the OM Yoga show – which means the combined event is really huge. The yoga show is about three times the size of the MBS Experience, but they complement each other well. In fact, if I had been able to spend longer there I would probably have signed up for a yoga workshop. I used to do yoga regularly, but haven’t done much since my favourite teacher moved out of my area. Watching so many people moving through different stretches and poses on the yoga mats yesterday rekindled my interest.

The OM Yoga Show and the Mind Body Soul Experience are still on today at London’s Olympia and you can get tickets on the door. You can find out more here:

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