Wednesday 1 October 2014

London Filmmaker Seeking Witches For Documentary

A London filmmaker is looking to make a documentary focused on the celebrations of Halloween and wants to include a section on the modern-day witch and the Wiccan religion.

Abigail Pitman, whose movie-making project is being funded by the University of Westminster, told me: "I find it a very exciting and interesting subject that people should know more about. In order to make an compelling and educating documentary I would need to have an event and riveting people to make it reach it's full potential."

Abigail is looking for a coven of witches, individuals or groups who would be willing to give her and her crew access to a rite to film and an insight into their knowledge.

She added: "As we do have budget behind us, for any groups or people who would be interested in helping, we would happily make a contribution to them for their time and knowledge."

You can contact Abigail by email at


Rebecca Bird said...

I'm in! :)

Badwitch said...

You probably realise this but you need to email the film producer directly. I'm just forwarding the message.