Friday 28 November 2014

Question: Toys for Pagan Boys and Girls

There seems to be a lot more discussion about what toys are suitable for our children these days.

When I was a kid toy shops just had shelves of toys, there didn't seem to be be signage indicated any gender appropriateness. I am glad because as a kid I was delighted to get a toy train set one Christmas and I collected Matchbox cars as well as loving my Teddy bear and dolls.

So, here is a question, or rather a few questions.

What was your favourite toy when you were young?

Do you like the modern trend for the pink aisle for toys aimed at girls, while toys such as action figures are labelled as being for boys?

If you are pagan, does that influence what toys you would choose for children at Yule?


Unknown said...

I used to love my Lego and Playmobil. And in those days, the characters were much less detailed and left a lot more to the imagination. I had a whole Native American village and Arthur with his knights.
I hate the pink isle. When I buy presents for little people, I go to the Early Learning Centre. They are far less gender prejudiced, I feel.

Badwitch said...

The Early Learning Centre is a great idea - thanks for reminding me about that!

Anonymous said...

My favourite toy was my Teddy bear. I still think bears are lovely presents for little ones - but I wouldn't get a girl a pink bear and a boy a blue bear, I would get them both natural colour Teddy bears, probably from the website of a charity that protects animals in the wild.

Anonymous said...

I was a typical boy and loved my action figures. Back then (in the 70s) I would have been very embarrassed to have a pink toy. I suspect not much has changed for modern boys from a working class background. Which is a shame.

Unknown said...

My favourite toys were things I could share with my brother. We played with lego, racing cars, barbies and ken dolls, teddy bears, play dough, crayons and colouring pads. I also had my fair share of "girly" toys, anything sparkly was a winner. This was during the late 80s to 90s. I don't have kids of my own but my favourite "toy" to give is a pot of bubbles.