Saturday 31 January 2015

News: Occult Books, Pagan Statue Theft, Imbolc, Art

"Book thieves target the occult' - story at East Oregonian:

"Penn Libraries Acquires Collection of 18th-Century Occult and Alchemical Manuscripts" - story at Fine Books and Collections:

"Bard behaviour: Burns transformation into witch hunter" - story at BBC News Scotland:

"Manannán Mac Lír: Pagan priest says statue theft a hate crime" - story at the Londonderry Sentinal:

"Witchcraft in the US: Imbolc 2015 History, Facts and Celebration Ideas" - story at The Latino Post:

"Students inspired to create unusual art" - read to the bottom of this story in the Ilkeston Advertiser to find out about art based on an Wiccan shrine:

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