Tuesday 3 February 2015

Excerpts: Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Here are two short excerpts from a new publications by radio show host and author of Goddess-centred books Karen Tate: Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World:
From the Foreword:
I’ve often said to my friends sometimes I have to be hit between the eyes with a clue-by-four before I hear the Universe, or Goddess, calling and lighting a path. I get so busy and sometimes fail to see Her lantern shining down a path, showing me the way. Radio was no different. 
I was doing a lot of radio interviews promoting my first two books, Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations,then again with Walking an Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth.
I kept hearing over and over from show producers I was a natural. I should be the host of my own show. They even offered me my own show, but it wasn’t registering. I was not seeing the path I was being shown to walk down. I just enjoyed the compliments and went on to the next show or speaking gig – until Lillian Cauldwell at Passionate Internet Voices Radio wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I thank Lillian for helping me see Hecate’s lantern lighting my way back to radio otherwise Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio might never have come to exist. The show started there with a brief weekly show until listeners started saying they wanted more. They did not want such rich topics discussed in a mere 30 minutes, leaving so many interesting and relevant topics unexplored.

The solution was moving Voices of the Sacred Feminine to Blog Talk Radio where guests and I could really delve deeply into topics. I had to say goodbye and thanks to Lillian, but I knew there was so much to say and had to be said about the Sacred Feminine, deity, archetype and ideal. Afterall, I spent the first 30 years of my life unaware of so many issues of sex, religion, power and politics as I lay unactivated and unaware, my authentic self dormant, in the bubble in New Orleans. My life totally changed as I came to understand more about herstory and the world around me, and I wished the same for others. If my eyes could open, I believed others’ eyes could be shown as well – and that’s exactly the feedback from listeners.

Some listeners have said Voices of the Sacred Feminine is their life line in places where no one dares talk about these subjects. Other listeners say Voices of the Sacred Feminine and my conversations with these wonderful people, some of which are in this book, are changing their lives. Sex, power, religion and politics – we cover it all with no restraints imposed upon us by conservative society. From Vandana Shiva to Noam Chomsky. From female orgasms to sexism and misogyny of Abrahamic religions. From abortion rights to reconciling one’s spirituality with their politics. No subject is taboo. Everything needs to be discussed everywhere, including at the dinner table, by not just by men, but by women, too. We have to understand how things have come to be so turned upside down so we can go about righting things and achieve partnership and justice for every species inhabiting Gaia. 
Yes, I encourage my listeners to be informed, empowered and uppity women and men. I encourage them to challenge what we accept as normal and find the new normal and in doing so, find their sacred roar! And my wonderful listeners help me to know what I am doing is exactly right for now and the interviews I have on Voices of the Sacred Feminine are truly conversations that are helping reshape the world. I hope you will tune in soon!

From the Introduction
We know our mythology shapes our society and culture. If people across the globe revere a male god and sweep the female face of god beneath the sands of time, the result is what we have today – patriarchy, rule of the fathers or a male dominated society, where divinity is only recognized in the male form. That leaves Goddess, women, Mother Earth and every species on the planet subject to male authority. That authoritarian father archetype and patriarchy has infiltrated every facet of life, with some falsely believing it has been no other way. The worship of a Divine Mother and Daughter, Persephone and Demeter, for thousands of years, is shrugged off with a wave of the hand. Amaterasu of the Shinto people in Japan, Guadalupe in Mexico, White Buffalo Woman of the Native Americans, Kwan Yin in Asia, and all the other faces of Goddess, some as old as 36,000 years old, older than male gods, are ignored or their importance goes unknown to countless humans on the planet and so do their energies, archetypes and ideals. Yet, Goddess Advocates believe the Divine Feminine is the great equalizer, a thealogy of liberation and balance that rights the wrongs of patriarchy and tempers the authoritarian father.
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