Tuesday 17 February 2015

Music Review: Morrigans Path - Call to Avalon

I've been listening to Call to Avalon by pagan folk band Morrigans Path quite a bit since I got I got the CD a couple of weeks ago. It is just the kind of thing I like to have on in the background while I'm writing my blog, doing the housework or just relaxing.

The music and vocals are inspiring, uplifting and very pleasant on the ears. There are also several tracks on it that make me want to dance about as I'm doing the hoovering - or stirring the cauldron :) And, yes, it is very witchy music with songs such as Earth Chant, Beltane Heart, Morrigans Prayer and, of course, the title track Call to Avalon.

The band gets its name from one of the most powerful Celtic deities, the Morrigan, goddess of battle, sex and death. The music is suitably varied, powerful and inspiring. As it says on their website: "Morrigans Path are a band of Essex minstrels casting their own musical spell - Morrigans style. It’s a fusion of eclectic sounds, a fluctuation of energies rooted in the souls of their creators, deep down and earthy."

The main songwriter and lead vocalist is multi-talented Sheena Cundy, who is also one of the creators of the lovely Magic of Nature Oracle. The other band members are Ian Cundy, Jim Olley, Lyz le Fay and Mark Barnard.

I do hope to see Morrigans Path at pagan music festivals this year. In the meantime, I suspect Call to Avalon will continue to be frequently played in my house.

You can order Call to Avalon from Morrigans Path's website at http://www.morriganspath.com/. It costs £12, inclusive of UK postage.

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