Sunday 15 March 2015

News: Terry Pratchett, Vikings, Witchcraft, Occult

While for many of the pagans I know, the death of author Terry Pratchett is the saddest news of the week - something blogged about by Yvonne Aburrow on Patheos, here are some other notable news stories:

"Female Viking Lesley Simpson makes Shetland history" - story at BBC News:

"Showbiz Celebrity Billie Faiers is considering hiring a white witch to make sure the sun shines on her wedding day" - story at the Irish Mirror

"Celtic statue row: TUV man blasts 'false gods and pagans'" - story at Belfast Telegraph:

And an American reality TV producer is looking for a woman interested in the occult to lead a new show. You can find out more at Reality Wanted:

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