Sunday 22 March 2015

News: Vikings, Paganism, Archaeology, Witchcraft, Ale

"Looking for some extra work? 'Vikings' need 8,000 extras for filming in Ireland" - story at Newstalk:

"Burning of wooden Temple in Derry 'a pagan practice', says minister" - story on BBC News:

"Bronze mask of Pan unearthed at Hippos-Sussita" - story at Pasthorizons:

"Charging for witchcraft services is unethical, witch says" - story at The Bellingham Herald:

"Lancashire's 'Witch Ales' cast spell on the South" - story at The Business Desk:

"The Ipswich Witch. Why Mary was burned to death on Rushmere Heath" - story on East Anglian Daily Times from a new book by David Jones:

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