Saturday 30 May 2015

News: Wicca, Gerald Gardner, Witchcraft, Persecution

"Pagans gather for elaborate Wiccan funeral of celebrated Cornish wizard" - interesting story earlier this week at The Mirror website, although I realise I am sharing it too late for people to attend the funeral, which has already taken place. You can read the story here:

You can also read about the funeral at the Telegraph, in a story entitled "Eron the Wizard given magical send-off in spectacular pagan ceremony":

"Gerald Gardner Defends Wicca Against False Opinions In Interview" - Reprint of a news story from 1962 on the World Religion News website:

"Catholic cardinal: Irish people are ‘worse than Pagans’ for passing same-sex marriage" - Story at Pink News:

"Witch hunting to be subject of new Assamese film" - Story at Business Standard:

"Accused witch killed with an ax" - Story at

"Mum and daughter's 'suicide bid' after spooky Ouija board session ends with them burning down their own home" - Story at the Mirror website:

"Satanic Ritual Abuse In The 1980s : A Modern-Day Witch Hunt" - Story at Houston Press:

"'Charlie Charlie' game poses real danger - Vatican exorcist warns against summoning demons" - Story from a Catholic perspective at the website Church:

"Spiritualism, the occult and the beginnings of abstraction" - Details of an Australian art exhibition at Arts:

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