Sunday 21 June 2015

News: Stories about the Summer (and Winter) Solstice

Summer Solstice News from the UK

"Thousands mark summer solstice at Stonehenge" - story at BBC News:

"Summer solstice sun rises on gathering of 23,000 at Stonehenge" - story at the Guardian:

"Sun rises over the longest day of the year: Thousands of pagans, druids and hippies descend on Stonehenge for this year's Summer Solstice" - story at MailOnline:

"Summer solstice: All you need to know about Sunday's pagan festivities" - story WalesOnline:

"Adults who on average spend just 79 minutes outdoors" - story at Eastbourne Herald:

Winter Solstice News from Australia

"Winter solstice on Monday a time for pagans and druids to celebrate" - story in the Sydney Morning Herald:

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