Monday 27 July 2015

Magic School: Introduction to Dowsing in London

A British Society of Dowsers approved course called Introduction to Dowsing is taking place over the weekend of 8 and 9 August at Worship Street, London, EC2. It is being run by Feng Shui Life.

The course runs from 10.30am to 4.30pm each day and costs £172. Information on the website says:
This is a British Society of Dowsers approved course in Dowsing. The course will include using various dowsing tools including pendulums and dowsing rods, bobbers and V rods. Various dowsing exercises using charts for health, food and environmental intolerances, dowsing the aura and balancing. You will know the basics to locate water and find it for yourselves in the local vicinity, dowsing for the location of pipes and drains by map dowsing. Learn how to remote dowse on a floor plan of your home for the chakras of your home and bring the energy of your home to balance using crystals and grids. You will know about geopathic stress and going into the local environment to see the signs and feel the energy of the different environments, psychic protection and deviceless dowsing, archaeological dowsing at a local site in the area; all hands on activities.
To book or for more information call 07885 945008 email or or visit the website:

If you fancy reading a book that covers dowsing as well as other forms of magic, I recommend The Book of English Magic by Philip Carr-Gomm and Richard Heygate, which I reviewed earlier:

The photo shows a quartz crystal pendulum for dowsingthat can be ordered via Amazon.

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