Monday 17 August 2015

Pagan Publisher Seeks Authors and Offers Fiction

At a lovely local craft market I met someone I had a lot in common with - a publisher who lives quite close to me and who is a pagan. Nathalie Andrews runs Girl and Cat Publishing and her aim is to change the way authors look at non-traditional publishing. She teaches classes in self-publishing and encourages novice writers to consider it as equal to traditional publishing while allowing them to retain the integrity and control of their work.

She said: "Our authors are expected to take the same pride in their work as they would if they were approaching a traditional publisher."

Nathalie says Girl and Cat is not a vanity press. Instead of offering self-publishing services, the company teaches authors to self-publish and market in a professional manner. She added: "We guide them through the process so that they gain the skills to format, market, network and sell their books without ever using a vanity press. In such a way, Girl and Cat seeks to encourage professionalism and skill in the community and to encourage good practice in independent publishing."

At the stall, Nathalie was promoting a children's fantasy novel with pagan themes called Journey Back to the Great Before,by Zaro Weil, as well as her own book, The Thief of Red Mountain.You can find out more about Journey Back to the Great Before here:

Girl and Cat Publishing is currently looking for new authors. Visit for more information.

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